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New Social Distanced Yoga Classes Live coming- Starting Tuesday Sept. 29th until Oct. 27th at Church of St. Jude’s- 1537 Adelaide St.N. 7-8 pm. London Ont. $62.50 for five week session. Check out the Yoga Classes link for more information.

Limited space so register today at anna@vital-fitness.ca.

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I am here to help you reach your fitness goals through personalized training and accountability. Everything is specified to fit YOUR needs.


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A certified yoga instructor, I specialize in non-competitive and a welcome, fun, energetic environment for all levels!

Healthy Agers

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If you would like some assistance, or have a family member that needs help, I have special programs designed for the ages 60+.

  • June Awakening!
    Hope you have been surviving this great uncertainty in the new life of Covid 19 and the fear that it brings. The events we see happening in the US with race relations that are shocking and disturbing. From what I see with myself and others is a general feeling of unease. This year has broughtContinue reading “June Awakening!”
  • Simplify your Life
    During this pandemic have you taken stock of what is important? Is there an area that you can dispose of that you no longer need? Have you spread yourself so thin that the new way moving forward does not include that activity? I think universally we are looking at things through a different lense. ThisContinue reading “Simplify your Life”
  • Inflammation
    Inflammation can be the result of many medical conditions. Inflammation can lead to migraines, allergies, obesity, chronic pain and thyroid problems, along with a higher risk of developing diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Inflammation is a response from your immune system. Essentially, inflammation is a result of your body attempting to protect itself from aContinue reading “Inflammation”
  • You got this!
    Staying Fit at Home! This is a tough one. We sometimes have the best of intentions but get lost in the process. If we have been isolated at home it is so easy to fall into a “why bother?” state of mind. This pandemic seems like an excuse to give up your physical fitness routine.Continue reading “You got this!”
  • Unblock your chakra!
    Balancing your Root Chakra. In this time of uncertainty for many during the Covid crisis has rocked our Roots. In yoga chakras are energy centers in the body through which energy flows. These energy centers are directly linked to mental, physical and spiritual attributes. Think of it like a spinning disc or wheel. The RootContinue reading “Unblock your chakra!”


Vital Fitness is a fitness and yoga program for your individual needs, all ages but also specializing in healthy agers (60+).

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