Welcome to my blog!

I would like to introduce myself to you if we haven’t met. I am Anna- a health and wellness advocate with a love of all things fitness and yoga. I live in London ON and started this journey approx. 10 years ago when I decided to train to be a personal trainer. I did it for myself, so I didn’t have to pay for a trainer. Just wanted to learn some weights, etc. Fast forward ten years and here I am. Working at helping others in their health/wellness journey.

I teach various classes around town and have a speciality in older adult fitness. I love my senior clients-one of my favourite populations to teach/train. Their dedication and enthusiasm brighten my day.
I try to access each individual with compassion and care and know that my time will be dedicated to you if you work with me, or choose to come to one of my classes!

Right now I just wanted to drop a line and say “hi” and hope you are doing well. What a time to start a blog as we all are hunkered down in this global virus epidemic. In the days to follow I will give you some guidance in what I have been doing. If you haven’t yet check out my facebook page- I am doing free gentle morning classes via Zoom to keep you going. I feel the need to support our community in service at this time.  I wish you strength during this difficult time and please reach out to me if you need.



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Health and Wellness Advocate!

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