Top 10 Tips for Surviving Isolation

We have felt the big 2020 shift. Funny how fast things can change. What seemed important, no longer matters. We are feeling isolated at home as we wait out the global pandemic. We watch our government and their response and we work on ourselves the best we can.

10 things that I have personally done in the last few weeks to help combat the feeling of isolation.

1) Continued to exercise- nothing too fancy, just some movement. I am continuing physiotherapy on my own. I sustained an injury to my shoulder and was doing physio. The hospital I was going to has cancelled all outpatient activity. My therapist has emailed me some new exercises.

2) Got back into some gentle teaching- just half hour zoom classes. Nothing too weight bearing- it feels good to give back to my community at this time with these classes. Zoom is new to me so that was a learning curve!

3) Started this blog! Hopefully I can keep you entertained- I don’t have a plan, just to speak from the heart.

4) With the help of my daughter changed up my website. Will be looking at new offerings in the future.

5) Focusing on healthy eating for my family, lots of homemade meals trying to build a good immunity.

6) Presently taking a free online course, The Science of Happiness. A popular class taught by a Yale Professor. I am half way done and will make a goal to finish within the next two weeks.

7) Cleaning the closets, tossing stuff and generally making the home more zen like! Re-using products I already have-trying to minimize purchases at this time.

8) Ramped up my meditation practice, so important during times of chaos. I get my greatest insights when I am still.

9) RE-thinking a lot about life in general. Importance of family/love/health.

10) Trying to spread some #kindness if I can. Phoning the odd person/dropping food/sending healing thoughts to those in crisis. Every little bit helps. I truly believe universally we will be stronger and kinder as a result of this pandemic. More equality, more fairness, and compassion for ourselves and others.

Get deep into your warrior spirit, you got this!

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