Unblock your chakra!

Balancing your Root Chakra.

In this time of uncertainty for many during the Covid crisis has rocked our Roots. In yoga chakras are energy centers in the body through which energy flows. These energy centers are directly linked to mental, physical and spiritual attributes. Think of it like a spinning disc or wheel.

The Root chakra is one that I have been focusing on for the last few weeks. Muladhara is the survival/security/stability chakra. With many experiencing a shock to this chakra with an upheaval of regular life as we know it this can make us feel ungrounded.

The color of this chakra is red, connected to the earth element. It is located at the base of the spine. An inbalance of this chakra is happening universally as people’s homes/jobs and security of oneself are totally disrupted. This can bring fear of change, neglecting of self, depression, unhappiness. It can also manifest as overeating, hoarding and material fixation.

Some issues can show up with the lower half of the body, legs, sciatica pain, groin, ankles and frequent illness. One of the features of this chakra is that is connected to a sense of smell. One of the symptoms of COVID 19 that many experience is the lack of sense of smell. Smell is necessary as a survival mechanism- you know like bad food-burning smell- it is meant to protect you! Interesting, huh?

A good way to incorporate balancing this chakra is bringing in a physical practise connected to the earth element. Being close to the ground, lots of leg work, certain poses in yoga, ie. Child’s pose. We can also head outside (safely of course-social distancing) and connect with nature. Grounding through nature. There is a disconnect on how many of us connect with the earth. Maybe it’s time to re-connect on a more natural way.

Another way is using crystals like garnet, ruby, red jasper, bloodstone, tourmaline, hematite. If you are really unsettled bring out the crystals.

Essential oils- I love the grounding earthy oils- cedarwood, juniper, doterra Balance blend, or Breathe blend. Anything with a woodsy smell- feel that connection. Smells are connected to the limbic portion of the brain-most primitive aspect connected to survival and self-preservation. I have been burning through my oils like crazy. Lucky I am a doterra wellness advocate and have many.

A mantra you can use is “I am peaceful, protected and secure”. Remind yourself you will be okay. Don’t be overtaken by fear. Have a check in with your chakras! See what might be out of alignment. Let me know if I can help during this difficult time. Stay grounded during this time of chaos!



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