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Staying Fit at Home!

This is a tough one. We sometimes have the best of intentions but get lost in the process. If we have been isolated at home it is so easy to fall into a “why bother?” state of mind. This pandemic seems like an excuse to give up your physical fitness routine. It could be that you are used to going to the gym, or your favourite fitness class and you unable to get yourself motivated at home.

Let’s look at it from a different angle. Change behaviour is what most personal trainers, coaches work on in trying to get people started and also to keep them engaged in the process. If it was easy to do on your own, we would all have superbodies and not worry about it. The message here is that it is tough to start, and keep going on your own. Many need the feedback from others in a group or trainer to stay fit and healthy. When we are left to our own accord it can seem overwhelming.

Let’s start with the basics!

  1. Have a goal! Start to actualize this and envision it. It needs to be a measurable goal. Get specific.

Eg. “ I am going to move my body with intention and effort for 15 minutes to get my heart rate going”.  “ I will seek out three online classes to take and try something new this week.”

  • What outcome would you like?  Come up with an idea- maybe work on components of fitness, cardio-respiratory, strength, balance, flexibility. Stick with one you would like to focus your attention on during this pandemic time.
  • What obstacles stand in your way? What can you do to overcome these obstacles? Figure out the obstacles and have a plan. Maybe it’s equipment, direction. Know that there will be obstacles and how you going to deal with them?
  • Plan, plan and re-plan. This is a perfect time to change things up in your fitness routine at home. You might not be able to do what you normally do, but doing something is better than nothing. Sitting on the coach, watching Netflix and binge-eating will not make you feel better.
  • Implementation is a big part of the process! Just move your body, have fun- work on strengthening your immune system, lungs, circulation and general wellness. Low arousal, low challenge is sometimes our default mode. This appears to be a new direction that many are heading so take matters in your own hands.
  • Celebrate small wins- give yourself a pat on the back- it’s okay to feel down, but time to take some action and move. Bodies are meant for movement- remember “motion is lotion!”
  • The no TIME excuse is not valid at the moment. Many use this as a way to not do anything. Many folks have TIME at the moment so let that one go. 😊

Hope you can start or continue to put in the work on your physical fitness. It does not have to be perfect. Enjoy this TIME to work on yourself, the best you can! Don’t be too hard on yourself.



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