Inflammation can be the result of many medical conditions. Inflammation can lead to migraines, allergies, obesity, chronic pain and thyroid problems, along with a higher risk of developing diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Inflammation is a response from your immune system. Essentially, inflammation is a result of your body attempting to protect itself from a perceived danger. A small amount of inflammation is a natural part of healing, but when the inflammation continues, additional health concerns could arise.

Some changes to your diet can help with inflammation.

Tumeric- is one of the most powerful spices, containing over two dozen different anti-inflammatory compounds. Curcumin, a main ingredient has been shown to possess wide range of pharmacological activities including anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-oxidant, wound healing and anti-microbial effects. This spice is a powerhouse and should be considered as #1!

One of the ways I like turmeric is in a “golden milk”. I take turmeric- if you can’t get the root, use a teaspoon, whisk in some milk (almond,cashew,etc), add in some ginger spice, cinnamon and once heated add some natural sweetener, like maple syrup. This is great for a bedtime treat. You can heat it up, froth it in your blender and sprinkle on some nutmeg. So yummy.

Spice it up in soups, smoothies and you can even get some supplements if you are fighting inflammation.

Ginger– next to turmeric, this is another powerhouse. Besides soothing a sore tummy, many doctors believe these compounds are responsible for providing pain relief to people with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.
The best part of this spice is it’s is so inexpensive and readily available. It comes in a root style at the grocery store. I love to make a ginger tea by cutting up some pieces, squeezing abit to get compounds out, squeezing in some lemon for vitamin C and adding a scoop of honey.

You do not need to wait for signs of inflammation to present themselves, in order to start adding these foods to your diet. Be pro-active in your diet and limit chances of chronic inflammation.

Let me know how you use these spices in comments below.



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