Simplify your Life

During this pandemic have you taken stock of what is important? Is there an area that you can dispose of that you no longer need? Have you spread yourself so thin that the new way moving forward does not include that activity?

I think universally we are looking at things through a different lense. This includes everything from the way we work out, what we eat, how we choose to spend time with, our hobbies. This is the time to release anything that no longer brings you joy.

I love that simple things are making a comeback, more sustainable options. Like cooking, baking, sewing and gardening. Gardening seeds sales have flourished in this new era. We are also looking at our work life balance, seeing that perhaps there is a new way to do business and sustain ourselves.

If you are in the fitness/wellness industry like myself you have certainly felt a pinch as we physical distance. Are you becoming creative in trying to sustain yourself? I am constantly re-evaluating my business and what is sustainable in the future. Will I jump on the zoom platform to try to create some more classes?  Time will tell and I will take some time to research my options.

My advice is use this time to nourish what ever you can, mostly yourself. It might mean a whole change of routine. Reminding ourselves to slow down at the moment- try to simplify and organize the best you can. Trying not to get too panicked and worried. Problems are often illusions of the mind. Just try to live in the moment and enjoy the simple things we have- like that fresh baked bread (that is if we are lucky enough to find some yeast! ) Do things with joy and see if that makes a difference.



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