June Awakening!

Hope you have been surviving this great uncertainty in the new life of Covid 19 and the fear that it brings. The events we see happening in the US with race relations that are shocking and disturbing. From what I see with myself and others is a general feeling of unease. This year has brought so many changes in our wellness, but I do feel deep down that once the dust settles we will move forward with hope and a willingness to be set free!

Some ways we can support ourselves during this time of chaos is:

  1. Step away from the news- you need a certain amount to understand what is happening out there but constant 24-7 can be very damaging to your mental health. At one time we only watched the news in the am, nightly news and continued on with our lives. The constant barrage of negative news can be overwhelming for some, so maybe it is time to cut some of that out for the time being.
  2. Watch your social media content- same as above, it is okay to have a certain amount but the arguments/conspiracy theories/political rhetoric can be harmful to your mental state.
  3. Continue to exercise in the best way that you can. I love that I am seeing an increase in my neighbourhood of cyclists, families walking together and the great outdoors is calling you!
  4. Re-evaluate your nutritional diet- yes we have all be carb loading and baking, eating maybe a little more than usual. When stress hits we often use food to soothe. Is it time to look closely at how you are using food to combat unease and stress?
  5. Be patient with others. At the moment I feel that people are going through so much stress and no ways to “escape.” Can we understand that maybe the person in the line that is annoying you is dealing with stress?  We need to be tolerant of one another, and this is where I see a great divide. Try to come to a place of compassion for others- now more than ever!
  6. Take the time to learn and read. I have made a pact to consider some learning on race relations and past history. I think it is important to understand others and acknowledge that we don’t know everything.
  7. Don’t forget to BREATHE- down regulate your nervous system with some slow deep belly breathing.

2020 is calling for humanity more than ever.  Let’s hope you have a great month of June. Stay safe.



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