Invest in your health and wellness today. You deserve it!

Everything is specified to fit YOUR needs. I will assess the best plan for your fitness/lifestyle and nutrition goals. One size does not fit all in fitness and health! Personal & professional service all focused on you.

In your home or workplace training we can bring equipment if you don’t have any. I have bosu board, stability balls, resistance bands, dumbbells, medicine balls, yoga mats, etc. A fitness room is available for an extra charge. We just need some room to move.

​FUNctional training to get you stronger!  Outdoor training provided (weather permitting).

Cash,cheque,email money transfer (emt), credit card or paypal (credit card) accepted as forms of payment. Please email me at for questions.


Yoga program 1 on 1- Let’s hit the yoga mat and focus on some gentle yoga postures, breathing exercises, balance, strengthening and stretching. Modifications, or chair yoga and necessary props available for success. Guaranteed to make you feel better and more relaxed. Yoga has been around for centuries, all with good reason. It works!

6 sessions Yoga – $270.00 (one hour sessions)

12 sessions Yoga-$540 (one hour sessions)

Online – Online yoga and fitness services available now! I use Zoom, Facebook and/or Skype to contact you and we work together on what you need! Private sessions for your benefit, not having to leave your home or office!

Contact to book your free consultation call.


​I offer special workplace programs for staff, groups, clients.

Email if your facility, workplace,etc needs a qualified instructor.

​All programs to be used within 6 months of purchase.

ParQ forms to be filled out before training begins. Every person has different needs so we will find out what it is you need work on and design a program to work.

 References available if needed.

HEALTHY AGERS (over 60 years old)

If you would like some assistance, or have a family member that needs help, the following programs are designed for the ages 60 plus. Please feel free to contact me if you have a specific request. My goal is happy and healthy clients that are ready to have a fantastic quality of life as they age. All levels of fitness levels included.

​My clients are well into their nineties, I love my over 60 clients and I see the positive results of specialized training.

Fitness program 1 on 1- Let’s help us get fit-you will get a functional fitness assessment and then working towards better strength, endurance, mobility, flexibility that will help you with a better quality of life. Different exercise equipment will be used, resistance bands, balls, yoga straps, dumbbells and finishing most sessions with some balance and relaxation to help restore your mind.

 Please note: all fitness can be done in a chair if needed. Other items can be covered, nutritional and wellness advice.

6 sessions Fitness – $270.00 (one hour sessions)

12 sessions Fitness- $540.00 (one hour sessions)

Home Support Exercise Session- Trainer will come for a period of 1.5 hours and complete some functional fitness assessments and demonstrate what exercises would be appropriate for health and functional ability. Handouts will be provided to assist in learning the exercises. Muscular strength, endurance and power training, balance and flexibility training will be included. Guidelines will be outlined for the cardio-respiratory exercise portion. This session is great if you need some help, or a family member needs some help in figuring out what exercises would be beneficial to remain functional and mobile.

One session- $60.00 (Highly recommended for a personalized session for those looking for a bit of guidance)

Fall Prevention Session-Trainer will come for 1.5 hour visit and test balance and make recommendations about preventing falls.

Falls are a major risk factor that have serious consequences for seniors. Exercises and information will be discussed and a personalized package left with the participant. Let my passion for helping benefit those at risk.

One session- $60.00 (Highly recommended for those at falling risk)


Personal Training and Yoga in London, ON and surrounding area with a Certified and Professional Trainer- private or group training

Mobile in your home/condo/apt/workplace personal training or yoga

Senior Fitness Programs and group teaching

Lifestyle coaching for a healthier lifestyle

Email me at

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